How to Get Laid and Satisfy Her until the End

By | February 5, 2019

Satisfying a woman in bed is quite a challenging task for most men. This is because of the assumption that women do not have sexual hunger. It is very hard for a woman to tell you that you do not satisfy them in bed. They will fake an orgasm and use alternative ways to satisfy themselves such as sex toys or they cheat on you with another man who really knows their “medicine” in bed.
Below we discuss how to get laid and satisfy till the end:

  1. Arouse your woman.

Women are not quick to wanting sex, but when they want it, they can become really wild. In most cases, it is the role of the man to twist the thoughts and emotions of the woman to wanting sex. You really have to research what works for your woman. Some women may be aroused through watching pornographic films, romantic movies or soaps. Other women will be aroused through a romantic treat such as dinner, cooking for them their favorite meal. Other women just want a kiss, and they are emotionally ready for it.

  1. Foreplay.

Foreplay is the secret of making her wet and ready for you. Always spend a lot of time and concentration on foreplay. Never rush to bang them till they are already breathing hard, acting crazy and really wet down there. Foreplay should involve kisses on the sensitive body parts of the woman such as the neck, lips, and forehead. Suckling her ears and nipples and drawing figures on her tummy.

A hot massage all over her body also works. Just make sure your woman crazily wanting it through foreplay.

  1. Sex positions and styles.
    Always research hard on the best sex positions. Let her tell you what she wants. You can also try oral sex if you are both comfortable with it. Recent studies have shown that the tongue does magic down there to most women. Know the best way to lick her and make her moan. This requires a lot of research, but you become a pro with practice. Always let your woman be in control. Let her control your penetration and the speed of pounding. Let them be the queen in the bed and do what their body is dying for.

Remember, Kegels are good to help you “stay up” long enough in bed. Control yourself to avoid leaving her unsatisfied. What for her and you can cum together. After you are done banging, never be in a hurry leaving her, let the penis remain inside and cuddle her telling her all the sweet word and telling her how sweet and tight they are down there. This helps remove the guilt women have after having sex.

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