Cafe like a place to date

For the first romantic date is better to choose a classic place for a romantic rendezvous – a park, a café, and walk. Do not accept an invitation back for a cup of coffee. Coffee as you know you can drink in a cafe. And an empty apartment has free not only to coffee. Therefore, in order to decide your date and purpose of your acquaintance, and take appropriate action.

While it is cold outside, on the dates in the park is better to forget the summer. It is better to invite a loved one in a cafe.

If you go to dinner together for the first time, you do not need to start with the fashion and luxury facilities. On the first date is important as small as possible to get nervous and be yourself. So go to a small, cozy restaurant, where you can chat in a nice informal atmosphere.

It is important to meet with friends of her boyfriend. Continue reading

Welcome to the Heart of Europe

Ukraine is an ancient country with the great and sometimes difficult history. If you are a tourist or a businessman that is going to visit Ukraine with Kiev escort girl and you are willing to arrive in Kiev, you are very lucky. Kiev is a city with a very interesting and long history and you will be able to see all the historical and natural places of the capital of Ukraine when coming here personally. If you have already visited our amazing country you know how exciting this capital can be and how hospitable people and Kiev escorts of Ukraine are.

As to the hotel of Ukraine and its capital we must say that now there are a lot of world class hotels in the capital. If you are a rich person and want to live in luxury the best hotels of Kiev will be glad to meet you and satisfy all your desires. Continue reading

Boom Boom Room

Boom Boom Room is an unusual night club of Kiev that opened in 2011 so it is quite new. Boom Boom Room is located in the business centre “Europe” in the centre of Kiev. In Ukraine such clubs are rare now. Its concept is that it is a night club & day club. So when you come here you may have cultural, cheerful, informative and musical day & night rest. What is it?

For your soul you can visit exhibitions or any official social events, literature lunches and the other popular events. In Boom Boom Room you can also watch an intellectual movie, live concerts and something like that. At night in Boom Boom Room of Kiev you may dance along with the deep house music or techno music. A lot of famous Kiev and Ukraine DJs come to play at Boom Boom Room. Also exciting shows and original performances can be seen by you at night at this original Kiev night club. Continue reading

Ramada Encore Kiev

Ramada Encore Kiev is a world class hotel situated in Kiev. It is a three stars plus hotel in Ukraine. Ramada Encore Kiev is a new hotel and its height is 22 storeys with a total area of 25, 35 thousand square meters. Ramada Encore Kiev has got 264 rooms and 58 apartments (five stars). Ramada Encore Kiev’s infrastructure includes a conference hall that is huge, two fitness centers, Italian restaurant ‘La Moda’, a few bars and two level parking for 515 places and Kiev escorts.

Ramada Encore Kiev belongs to the hotel chain Ramada and the chain Ramada includes more than 900 inns in 45 countries of the world that work under the brands Ramada Encore, Ramada Hotel, Ramada Hotel & Suites, Ramada Plaza, Ramada Resort.

So now you see that Ramada Encore Kiev is an inn of the first class and of the world level in Kiev. Continue reading

St. Michael Golden Domed Monastery

St. Michael Golden Domed Monastery is one of the most ancient monasteries in Kiev. It is supposed that St. Michael’s Cathedral was the first golden domed cathedral in Kiev Rus and from it the tradition to make golden domes came. This is a really gripping view of the sightseeing place in Ukraine. St. Michael’s Cathedral was built in 1108-1113 and it was very special for people of Kiev as St. Michael was a patron saint of mighty Kiev. In the 12th century St. Michael Golden Domed Monastery was a place for burying of knyazs (princes of Kiev Rus). So if you are a fan of history and especially the history of Ukraine you will be glad to see this really ancient place and a sacred spot of the Slovenian culture.

The fresco paintings and the golden domes of St. Michael Golden Domed Monastery will be estimated by the lovers of the ancient history and it will be interesting for you to walk inside the monastery and see how the monks live and how the life of the monastery is usually organized in Ukraine. Continue reading

Going to the cinema with loving half

Many people believe that going to the movies is not the best option to date. Like, people will be too worried about the main characters on the screen that will prevent them to know each other or just talk. I would venture to deny this, virtually an axiom. For the love that is not the first day together and thus know the tastes and preferences of each other, and, ideally, look at each other’s eyes, as in a mirror, a trip to the movie or the theater in Moscow at the sight of which, a priori, like both will be further proof of their predestination to each other. For the couple that their relationship is just beginning, but it is not the first meeting, entertaining, and most importantly, the game will be informative, “Today you are choosing a movie.” At a certain proportion of observation and insight it gives an opportunity to better know the people who next or else understand how he managed to get to know you, or how much he is interested in you. Continue reading

Restaurant-place to have a date

Another place to go dating is a restaurant. Almost all women like going there. They think that it is a elegant and gorgeous place to meet. Nowadays, there are plenty of catering establishments offering citizens a huge selection of tasty and fast food: from simple sandwiches and ending with well-known and loved today, sushi and frog legs. How did this happen, because ten years ago in our country, except the dumplings and pancakes, nothing to surprise the layman could not.

With the development of public power in our lives firmly established concepts such as bar, restaurant, cafes, bistros, snack bar, pizzeria, bar and chanson, etc.

The restaurant – a place of rest and luxury of exquisite food, so the characteristics of this type of food service establishments, and much more in our classification of the restaurant deserves special attention. Continue reading

Independence Square

The Independence Square of Ukraine got its modern name in 1991 in honor of the declaration of state independence of Ukraine. The Independence Square of Ukraine is located in the centre of Kiev, it is actually a central square of Kiev. Instead of the central street of Kiev- Khreshchatik and the Independence Square of Ukraine the thick forests used to be on their place in ancient Kiev but now you may walk along the street and take a photo at the famous Independence Square in modern Kiev. In 2001 the massive reconstruction of the square was made and on one of its sides there is a figure of a woman standing on the globe and symbolizing Ukraine and it is called an Independence Monument.

There are beautiful and graceful fountains on the Independence Square where tourists like to be photographed. Continue reading

Bratislave hotel

Bratislave hotel is a hotel located in Kiev, a capital of Ukraine and it is a prestigious three star hotel that is situated not far from the centre of Kiev. Bratislave hotel is quite big and it has got 337 rooms that all are very cozy and well designed. In combination with the qualified personnel, Kiev escorts and very good room service Bratislave hotel has everything you may need when staying in Kiev. Bratislave hotel is considered one of the best hotels in Ukraine and its convenient location allows to travel fast to the various parts of Kiev. That is quite comfortable for businessmen with Kiev escorts or tourists that are eager to see the capital of Ukraine in all of its beauty.

Bratislave hotel has got big conference hall and if you are a rich businessman who is going to gather a lot of people for your business events these halls are just perfect for you. Continue reading

Bonnie & Clyde

Bonnie & Clyde is a new Kiev night club with a romantic name. Bonnie & Clyde invites to spend time cheerfully in the atmosphere of America of 30s but with a modern colouring. The Kiev night club Bonnie & Clyde is located near the subway station of Kiev named Kharkovskaya and it shows the guests of Ukraine comfort halls with face control, tasty kinds of food, cozy couches, very positive staff a lot of dancing, drinking and loud music with a dance floor. Bonnie & Clyde of Ukraine are really positive, honest and very funny. The visitors will like this atmosphere of the night club of Ukraine for sure. Visiting this Kiev night club you will feel adventurous Bonnie & Clyde, grip your life in your hands and start having fun!! There is also a VIP hall, free Wi-Fi and a lot of music in Bonnie & Clyde of Ukraine. Continue reading